homeless people

Рубрика: «Личное»
Автор: Max Kenzory Experimental Photographer
Опубликовано: 01.05.2012 в 20:50:21


This series of photos, homeless people, before shooting about half an hour I talked to them, learned as it turned out so that they remained without a roof over the head, learned as it help our state, tried to find out, how now passes life of these people. A series from only three pictures, but I can look at them eternally, and think of what that the.

Look in eyes of these people, I will not tell that they are full of grief, it is a hopelessness rather, but everyone will see, that is closer to it.



The history of this man, wasn't opened up to the end, it ironed most good-natured of all company, but not willingly went on contact smiled more, and said that anything, we and on the street can live.

Look at this smile, what it can mean? Pleasure, hopelessness? what?



"Blind Afghan"

This man went blind in the war in Avhan when returned home, his apartment exchanged, and it sent to live on the street, the state wrote off it in dead men, and to it remained nothing how to go to look for to itself a lodging for the night on city streets.

On them it also remained to live to this day.




This man call Aristarch, on extremely measure exactly so it was presented in a personal meeting, told that problems with housing began, after divorce with the wife and still any family circumstances then as, he was compelled to leave a home, and to get over to live on the street.

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