Perception of photographs. What influences?

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Perception of photographs. What influences?

Сообщение zoro roronoa » 09 июн 2022, 19:56

Dear forum users! What if you know about the difference in perception from photos taken by a cool mirrorless camera and an entry-level DSLR, the cost of which is 4-5 times less? Does the mood of the photographer affect the subsequent perception of the photograph, despite the fact that the image is essentially the same? Is there a difference when the photographer is forced to use a tripod or when the camera allows you to shoot the same thing "by hand"? mobdro kodi
If it's easier for someone to understand what I don't understand, here is the "picture". Already the sky was breathing in autumn, The sun shone less often, The day was getting shorter ... A photographer comes out onto the balcony. He sets up a tripod, fastens the Nikon d5200 in manual mode too .... And at the same time, a photographer with an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, for example, comes out to the neighboring balcony, and from his hand, without hesitation at all this same sunset landscape, as if even like. Will it be clear who put their soul into the photo process and for whom the smart technique worked? What lenses I do not know, let them be the same.
And one more question. At what shutter speed do you get the most vibrant photos, the best ones? The shorter the better, as long as the photosensitivity allows? Or for animation, to be like a picture, you need ... (I'm not talking about shooting waterfalls) say, 1/15 of a second or even more? For portraits, for example.
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